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Sometimes things happen in life you can only sit and watch and shake your head in disbelief if this had really happened or are you watching a movie or are just dreaming.

On the 22nd of February my grandmother (on mothers side) passed away with an age of 100 years.

Her birthday was on the 2nd february and even to the fact she lived in a nursing home because her body was too weak she was still able to recognize her children (sounds so cute but the oldest is already 80 years old :D) and grandchildren and told stories on and on of "then".

The 22nd of February was also the birthday of my grandmother on fathers side, who died nearly 7 years ago on the 23rd of April, which also was the 66th birthday of my father, her son. On this day she too would have become 100 years old.

Last monday was the burial so a lot of the big family came together for the last farewell. And this is when all went in very...strange.... ways.

We came together for dinner and after that drove in line to the small cemetery and the chapel. Across the street is a small supermarket and the next building a small branch bank. Two women stood  in front of the bank building, then came a police car, the officer got out and talked to the women. So far so good. He used his walkie-talkie while we all went to the chapel to say finally goodbye.

The whole day was dark and grey, cold and windy. But when the speech started one little sunbeam managed to fall directly on grandmas portrait for nearly a minute. It makes you both, smiling and crying. While the music played (from a keyboard with a programmed midi file quality version of greensleaves... -.-) the distant sound of a helicopter became noticable.

About an hour later we went to the grave on the cemetery followed by an trumpeter. The wind stopped and it was really quiet an pieceful - except for that damn helicopter which flew about the bank building.

To say goodbye and to finally recognize that this is final is hard. Really hard. We layed down flowers and said goodbye when a big grown shepherd dog appeared between the tombstones and ran toward the grave an in our group and within a blink was a away. Absolute disbelief. What idiot takes his dog to the cem.. oh. Wait. There was a line on the dog. A line between the dog's K9-badge and the police officer who hold the other end. Four more officers ran across the cemetery and the helicopter, a police helicopter, now was right above us.

It came out that not nearly an hour before our arrival a man had robbed that branch bank and fled right across the cemetery.

This is strange? It's not the end of the story.

When we drove back to my cousins home for coffee and some cake we stared in disbelief at the police helicopter hovering above the house and then slowly trailing off to the nearby woods. My cousin told us a story from last summer. She owns some chicken and turkey and also a handfull of small houses for holiday guests. One day a tramp stole one of her chickens, broke into one of those small houses and used the oven to help himself with a nice little roast chicken.

That, my dears, was the most bizarre thing I EVER experienced.

P.S. No, they didn't catch the thief.



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Daveinwilton Mar 24, 2014  Professional Photographer
Vielen Dank für die DD Favorit.
You're very welcome :)
ZacAvalanche Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Hey, thanks so much for the :llama:!  :D

I hope you'll watch my page. :la:

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Thanks again! :hug: 


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I have been building it myself, so I would love to know what you think. :D

WilliWeissfuss Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dankeschön!!Bunny Emoji-36 (Flower) [V2] 
Immer wieder gern! :hug:
you're very welcome :)
Thanks so much :heart:
Huhu, *wave*

liebe Grüße von der Luchszam-Front, auch wenn sie gerade spärlich besetzt ist. (-:
Firnen99 Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dich habe ich auch getagged :D ->…
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